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Reload logback.xml on changes to any specified properties files



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      We deploy many similar services using logback to k8s clusters. The logback.xml in each service specifies one or more properties files with a "property" element and "file" attribute.  our logback.xml files specify "scan=true" and "scanPeriod=5 seconds". Our logback.xml files also "include" a "base" logback.xml that defines structures used by every service.

      When we dynamically modify, or just touch, either the logback.xml or the "base" logback.xml, it reloads the logback.xml and integrates any dynamic changes.

      However, if we instead just modify the properties file, nothing happens.  It doesn't reload the logback.xml and process the new properties file content. After we modify the properties file, if we then modify the logback.xml, then it reloads everything, including the new properties file content.

      I asked about this situation in the logback-user list, and Ceki pretty quickly indicated that this observation is correct, but it wasn't done intentionally, it is simply an omission.  He said I should file a ticket to request this, so that's what I'm doing.

      Logback should watch for changes to specified properties files the same way it looks for changes to the logback.xml and any other included xml files.




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